Nasveti mlademu znanstveniku

Profesor Pedro Miguel Echenique z univerze University of the Basque Country je na nedavnem predavanju podal nekaj svojih nasvetov mlademu znanstveniku. Povzetek celotnega predavanja lahko preberete na spletni strani Science: "Advice to a young scientist".
"In spite of all the pressure and anxiety about securing a permanent, independent position, never lose sight of your primary driver, the thing that really got you into science. “It is very important to have permanent positions, of course … but they are a means to an end. The aim of a scientist is to advance knowledge and bring something new. We cannot convert the means into an end, because [otherwise] we are perverting the process,” Echenique said. It is true that luck also plays a role, but “if you … do a serious and good piece of work and you communicate it well, you will have all those things.”

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