Akademski časniki: najbolj profitna zastarela tehnologija v zgodovini

Pod naslovom Academic Journals: The Most Profitable Obsolete Technology in History je  Jason Schmitt na Huffington Post objavil esej na temo akademskih časnikov. Čeprav se verjetno zavedate celotne problematike, vseeno vredno branja:
This lucrative nature of academic publishing comes at a price--and that weight falls on the shoulders of the full higher education community which is already bearing the burden of significantly decreasing academic budgets. "A large research university will pay between $3-3.5 million a year in academic subscription fees --the majority of which goes to for-profit academic publishers," says Sam Gershman, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT who assumes his post as an assistant professor at Harvard next year. In contrast to the exorbitant prices for access, the majority of academic journals are produced, reviewed, and edited on a volunteer basis by academics who take part in the tasks for tenure and promotion.

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