Izmišljene znanstvene konference in časopisi

Sam sicer konstantno že kar nekaj let prejemam povabila na raznorazne "čudne" konference, ki so že na prvi pogled več kot očitno namenjene ne izmenjavi znanstvenih dosežkov ampak pobiranju denarja od naivnih znanstvenikov, ter jih je tako enostavno ignorirati. A očitno postajajo goljufi vse bolj prebrisani. Članek iz nytimes je sicer že star nekaj tednov, a vreden branja

The scientists who were recruited to appear at a conference called Entomology-2013 thought they had been selected to make a presentation to the leading professional association of scientists who study insects. But they found out the hard way that they were wrong. The prestigious, academically sanctioned conference they had in mind has a slightly different name: Entomology 2013 (without the hyphen) 
...Many of the journals and meetings have names that are nearly identical to those of established, well-known publications and events. 
Steven Goodman, a dean and professor of medicine at Stanford and the editor of the journal Clinical Trials, which has its own imitators, called this phenomenon “the dark side of open access,” the movement to make scholarly publications freely available. 
....Jeffrey Beall, a research librarian at the University of Colorado in Denver, has developed his own blacklist of what he calls “predatory open-access journals.” There were 20 publishers on his list in 2010, and now there are more than 300. He estimates that there are as many as 4,000 predatory journals today, at least 25 percent of the total number of open-access journals. 

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