Še o akademskih zaslužkih (razlikah) v ZDA

Iz zapisa v NYTimes iz pred nekaj dni, pod naslovom "Gap Widens for Faculty at Colleges, Report Finds"
For the academic elite — tenured professors at private research universities — average pay this year is $167,118, while at public research universities such professors earn $123,393, according to the annual report by the American Association of University Professors.
And with stretched budgets and public pressure to keep costs down, many colleges and universities are cutting back on tenure and tenure-track jobs. According to the report, such positions now make up only 24 percent of the academic work force, with the bulk of the teaching load shifted to adjuncts, part-timers, graduate students and full-time professors not on the tenure track. 
...Coalition on the Academic Workforce survey[ed] ... more than 10,000 part-time faculty members, finding that their median pay per course in 2010 was $2,700.

Le 24% pozicij je tenure-track!

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