Dopisovanje med Žižkom in članicami Pussy Riot

Hi, Slavoj! We received the news that you have been supporting us in every way - in theory and in practice. You are awesome! This has proven to be the continuation of the political liberation miracle-movement, whose birth for us now is unbelievable. I love miracles and their idiosyncracies. All of our activity is full of wonder. The inmates are learning 'about the violence'. Thanks for everything! Good luck to all. Nadya 23 August 2012
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I got your letters in Russian, which I can read (I learned Russian in high school!). Unfortunately, I cannot any longer write in Russian, so forgive me my English.
I cannot tell you how proud I am to be in contact with you. Your acts are well thought, based on deep insights into how oppressive power works, how it hasty rely on a hidden obscene agenda, violating its own rules. But more than that, you show all of us the way to combine these right insights with simple courage. Against all postmodern cynics, you demonstrate that ethical-political engagement is needed more than ever. So please ignore enemies and false friends who pity you are punk provocateurs who deserve more clemency. You are not helpless victims calling for sympathy and mercy, you are fighters calling for solidarity in struggle. From my own past in Slovenia, I am well aware of how punk performances are much more effective than liberal-humanitarian protests. My dream is, when all this mess will be over, to have a long talk with you about all these matters.
But I am also well aware that we are all fragile human beings at the mercy of forces of oppression, and this is why I am also filled with sad rage and fury—why cannot I do more to help you? Please just let me know how I can be of ANY help, and I will do it, be it political or personal. Next week I gone Toronto to present the new film PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY, and I will dedicate it to you.
It may sound crazy, but although I am an atheist, you are in my prayers. Prayers that you will soon see your family, children, friends. Prayers that you will at least have some time to read and reflect in peace while in prison!
Ljubljana, August 26 2012
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