Glas Sigmunda Freuda

Tole je edini zvočni zapis Freudovega govora. Decembra 1938 ga je posnela ekipa BBC-ja na njegovem novem domu v Londonu, kamor je iz Avstrije zbežal pred nacisti. Takrat je imel 81 let in bil je že zelo bolan. Manj kot leto dni zatem je v zadnjem stadiju raka na grlu prosil zdravnika, naj mu predpiše smrtno dozo morfija. V posnetku pravi:
I started my professional activity as a neurologist trying to bring relief to my neurotic patients. Under the influence of an older friend and by my own efforts, I discovered some important new facts about the unconscious in psychic life, the role of instinctual urges, and so on. Out of these findings grew a new science, psychoanalysis, a part of psychology, and a new method of treatment of the neuroses. I had to pay heavily for this bit of good luck. People did not believe in my facts and thought my theories unsavory. Resistance was strong and unrelenting. In the end I succeeded in acquiring pupils and building up an International Psychoanalytic Association. But the struggle is not yet over. –Sigmund Freud. (Sigmund Freud Speaks: The Only Known Recording of His Voice, 1938 | Open Culture)