Poročilo ESF o ARRS

Na straneh ARRS je dosegljivo poročilo evropske znanstvene fundacije o delovanju ARRS. Zanimivo branje. Marsikatera ugotovitev bo bralcem tega bloga verjetno domača. Tukaj je nekaj izsekov.

Since its founding in 2004, the Slovenian Research Agency (SRA) has been extremely effective in establishing itself as a modern and efficient funding agency comparable to well-established European research councils and funding organisations with much stronger heritage and current portfolios.

However, it appeared to us – through our various consultations and discussions – that during the process excessive reliance has been made on bibliometric indices, and their role in determining eligibility thresholds.

Funding instruments of SRA are comprehensive and efficient from an administrative point of view and allow for very simple financial management rules (i.e. the fixed grant values). However, the notion of collaborative research projects of various sizes and objectives could be further promoted[...]
The young researchers’ funding line within the current portfolio of SRA activities seems to be appreciated very much by its intended clients. In order to further contribute to Capacity Building as a crucial prerequisite of competitiveness, the Agency should consider increasing the volume of the young researcher instrument[...]

The Committee is of the opinion that in general, both well-established scientists and high-achieving early-career researchers, know best who they would need and want to collaborate with and in which country. It is to the advantage of the national research and education agenda, if greater flexibility is provided to empower and support the researchers to engage themselves and their students with other groups as they deem necessary.

The Committee also concluded that the Slovenian research system in general, and the SRA system in particular, do not appear as “welcoming” as they might intend towards excellent scientists from abroad or to Slovenians returning to their country. The Committee is of the opinion that the cultural openness of the Slovenian nation can be better translated into policy and regulatory arenas and practices in order that the national research systems can take more advantage of incoming foreign researchers and Slovenians returning from abroad.

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