Prost dostop za placilo

Nekateri zalozniki izdajajo knjige tako, da povzemajo prosto dostopnih virov, ki jih potem zapakirajo v tiskano obliko in prodajajo po visokih cenah (vec tukaj).

They simply poach articles from Wikipedia, compile them, bind them into a book, and then sell them at a high price under the name of a non-existent author. Thus, for instance, a certain Lambert M. Surhone who appears to be the author of almost 120,000 books on subjects ranging from US courts of law to cacti...

[...] So who is buying these books? It is quite difficult to believe, but in the case of theses it’s the authors themselves who are forking out the money. “It’s rather gratifying to see one’s name on the cover of a book, especially if it’s available through Amazon," admits Tullio. “Some young researchers buy additional copies of their own thesis to give to their family and friends. Some libraries may also be lured into procuring such books because it is very difficult to identify them as doctoral theses."

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