Sodni proces proti znanstvenikom v L'Aquili

Naslednji teden se začne sodni proces proti seizmologom v L'Aquili, obtoženih, da niso pravilno obveščali javnosti o nevarnosti potresa, ki je nato trejal 300 smrtnih žrtev. Zgodba o procesu je na Nature News.

"This isn't a trial against science," insists Vittorini, who is a civil party to the suit. But he says that a persistent message from authorities of "Be calm, don't worry", and a lack of specific advice, deprived him and others of an opportunity to make an informed decision about what to do on the night of the earthquake. "That's why I feel betrayed by science," he says. "Either they didn't know certain things, which is a problem, or they didn't know how to communicate what they did know, which is also a problem."
"When people, when journalists, asked my opinion about things, I used to tell them, but no more. Scientists have to shut up," says Boschi, whose successor at the INGV was appointed last month.

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