Visokoenergijska fizika na Japonskem po potresu

PhysicsWorld ima na svoji strani članek, ki ga dnevno dopolnjuje z novicami o poškodbah v visokoenergijskih laboratorijih na Japonskem po potresu.

Zadnja novica iz KEK:

Photon Factory – a national synchrotron radiation facility based at the KEK particle-physics lab – [...] the facility's linear accelerator has suffered "substantial damages", including the displacement of three radio frequency modules by about 10 cm and one magnet that fell onto the floor.


A preliminary inspection from researchers who battled for hours to reach the facility on Sunday also revealed that the earthquake has done little damage to buildings at J-PARC thanks to strict building codes. However, roads around the facility have been severely damaged with cracks as big as 50 cm wide. Nagamiya says he is unsure how long it will take before the facility is fully back up and running again.

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