LHC in supersimetrija

Kolaboraciji ATLAS in CMS sta v zadnjih tednih pokazali nove meje na parametere minimalnega supersimetričnega standardnega modela -MSSM (nobenega odkritja na vidiku). V najenostavnejšem primerku MSSM so tako meje na mase supersimetričnih delcev znatno višje kot je sledilo iz prejšnjih eksperimentov. To postavlja MSSM pod vprašaj kot teorijo, ki reši problem hierarhije (velikih kvantnih korekcij k higgsovi masi). Članek o tem na NatureNews.

"I'm wouldn't say I'm concerned," says John Ellis, a theorist at CERN, Europe's particle-physics lab near Geneva, who has worked on supersymmetry for decades. He says that he will wait until the end of 2012 — once more runs at high energy have been completed — before abandoning SUSY. Falkowski, a long-time critic of the theory, thinks that the lack of detections already suggest that SUSY is dead.

"Privately, a lot of people think that the situation is not good for SUSY," says Alessandro Strumia, a theorist at the University of Pisa in Italy, who recently produced a paper about the impact of the LHC's latest results on the fine-tuning problem4. "This is a big political issue in our field," he adds. "For some great physicists, it is the difference between getting a Nobel prize and admitting they spent their lives on the wrong track." Ellis agrees: "I've been working on it for almost 30 years now, and I can imagine that some people might get a little bit nervous."

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