Jane Fonda obišče S. Hawking

Zapis z bloga Jane Fonda o obisku S. Hawkinga:

I dropped to my knees next to Stephen’s chair [...] and asked him if [...] his disease had enabled him to go further, deeper in his understanding of his research– of the origins of the universe. [...] After about 5 minutes, letters and then words began to slowly appear on the screen: “It… freed… me…” Ah haaa!! Moises and I looked at each other in delight, certain that our hypothesis was about to be proven—sure that Stephen was about to say something like, “it freed me to grasp the origins of the universe…” We waited for the sentence to be finished, another few minutes…and then, there it was: “It freed me to stop teaching!!!” and a computerized voice said it aloud so everyone heard. I looked at Stephen and noticed what appeared to be a sly grin.

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