Znanstveni stand-up komik

Brian Malow ni ravno običajen stand-up komik. Je namreč stand-up komik za "piflarje". Njegovi vici ne govorijo o "mujotu in hasotu" pač pa prej o helijevem in vodikovem atomu in ostalih zabavnih temah. Nekaj njegovih nastopov si lahko ogledate na youtube. Zanimiv je recimo tale prispevek k O’Reilly Media’s Ignite Show, šovu, kjer govorci predstavijo v petih minutah 20 transparenc na temo "geek kulture".

(Primeri ostalih "ignite geek" predstavitev so recimo ”Boiling Water in 5 Steps (Using a Nuclear Reactor),” ”Building a Multiperson Pogo Stick,” “Guide to Geek Dating.” )

Več o Malowu lahko preberete tukaj. Nekaj zanimivih izsekov

... I was editing myself more in the comedy clubs than at certain private gigs. Some of my favorite routines were gathering dust because the typical nightclub audience isn't likely to laugh at a joke whose punch line invokes the inverse-square law.

But, at shows for Apple or Microsoft or Stanford—when my audience contained a critical mass of engineers and science enthusiasts—I could wax scientific in the voice that was most colorful and entertaining to me. I could crack a joke about cloud chambers and it would be greeted with laughter and appreciation...

...And I'm pleased to report empirical evidence that scientists do, in fact, have a sense of humor. True, they sometimes have a tendency toward literal interpretations—like when I compared the 125-degree heat in Arizona to the surface temperature of Venus, and a loud voice in the room countered, "No!"...